In the 21st century what is meant by a “natural landscape”? What is it that makes a landscape special? How do the people who live, work and play in a particular area relate to It? What part do these landscapes play in the lives of those who live in more urban environments?

In the event of changes to the landscape brought about by significant climate change, how will people respond to any measures taken to help protect that landscape and its possible uses?

Thursday, 13 May 2010

1st Entry

The health of the grassess is a very imortant issue.

This is the first blog of the Change, Climate Landscape, Me, project and I do hope that lots of people feel interested enough to add comments to the site. I want to hear from those who have an interest in the area of Brecon, not just those connected to the landscape; or those who have specialist interests in the natural environment, climate change or even art, but obviously their contributions are also most welcome.

I am interested to hear from as many people as possible including members of the Armed Forces who only stay in the area for brief period’s of time before moving on to meet new tasks and challenges. I would also like to hear from those who, from one generation to the next, have never lived anywhere else.

I would like to hear from those people who would like to change things, who feel that life in the Brecon area could be improved. What do young people do? Do they feel involved in the community across all ages or do they feel a little disenfranchised?

Since the project got underway at the beginning of May I have spoken to individuals from the National Trust; volunteer groups; graziers; and people from the National Parks I have found all these meetings very interesting. I have learnt something about the complexities associated with the business of looking after the natural landscape. There are obviously very different and sometimes quite conflicting concerns connected to general issues as well as specific geographic areas.

I look forward to talking to and sharing information with anyone who is interested in getting involved, whoever you are and wherever you are from.

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